Win your home bid on 1340 Queens Rd with accurate price estimates.

Get over a dozen knowledgeable estimates. We commission neighbors and professionals in Berkeley and Oakland to visit your open house, review disclosures, understand nearby home sales, and estimate the sale price of your home.

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We'll ask neighbors and professionals to review and estimate the sale price of your home so you can bid intelligently.

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Stop losing bidding wars. Pay what it takes to win the home -- and no more.

Decrease risk

Buying a home is usually the largest financial transaction in your life. Reduce buyer's remorse by finding the right price to offer.

Twenty neighbors viewed and estimated the sale price of the home. I offered the sellers the price in the SpotOnPrices report -- and won!

Cheryl E. Heirs
New homeowner in West Berkeley

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Considering making an offer on a home? We'll give you a report of neighbors' estimates.

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  • Personalized report of any home in Berkeley or Oakland

  • Individual estimates from neighbors

  • Final estimate of sale price

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Frequently asked questions

How accurate are SpotOnPrices estimates?
Our estimates typically get within 5% of the sale price about 87% of the time. As a point of comparison, within Alameda County, Redfin gets within 5% only 58% of the time -- our estimates are nearly 50% better.
How is SpotOnPrices different from Redfin and Zillow algorithms?
Our approach is to source estimates from neighbors and professionals who live in and know Berkeley and Oakland. Some of them are the folks who on the weekend go to neighborhood open houses -- for fun. These estimators understand the neighborhood better than anyone, and may have toured the open house and reviewed disclosures to arrive at their estimate.
Are estimates trustworthy?
We ensure accuracy in our estimators by paying them according to their accuracy -- the closer they arrive to the final sale price, the more they are paid. A strong financial incentive -- combined with their intrinsic knowledge and expertise -- make our estimates robust.
How long does it take to make a report?
We recognize that in today's extremely competitive market, time to an offer can make or break a bid. We offer extremely fast turn around times, usually taking less than 72 hours before our report is in your hands.