Frequently asked questions

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What is CornerChamp?
Have you ever just gone into an open house and tried to guess what the final sale price will be? CornerChamp is a place for you! You can record your guesses and see how accurate you really are.
How can I make more accurate estimates?
You're free to do anything you'd like: go to the open house, understand the neighborhood, review disclosures, talk to the sellers' agents, or see how much competitive buzz a local listing is generating.
Why can't I see any other estimates for an active listing?
Estimators work hard to evaluate and provide their estimates. We don't want to reveal their work to possible competitors. As a result, we don't publish estimates until a listing closes.
What happens when a competition finishes?
Once the listing in a competition is goes from 'on sale' to 'pending' then the competition has closed. No further estimates may be placed and we await the final sale price. Once the final sale price is known we assign an accuracy and ranking to every estimator.
Where is CornerChamp active?
We are currently available only in Berkeley, CA.
How accurate are CornerChamp estimates?
Our estimates typically get within 5% of the sale price about 87% of the time. As a point of comparison, within Alameda County, Redfin gets within 5% only 58% of the time -- our estimates from neighbors are nearly 50% better.